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H2Tec's First HRS Leaves Wallyford For London

Last Monday (23/8), staff at H2Tec’s production facility in Wallyford, East Lothian waved goodbye to a Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) bound for Westminster City Council. When installed it will be used in conjunction with two dual-fuel, refuse collection vehicles as part of the HyTIME project. 

H2Tec's HRS design allows for a flexible and resilient hydrogen fuel supply, and at the same time optimises refueling capacity vs capital investment and operating costs. It has been designed and tested to meet refueling requirements and the applicable PED and ATEX regulations. The HRS dispenses a minimum of 10kg of hydrogen per day to fill two refuse collections vehicles, each with 5kg of onboard hydrogen storage. 

The HyTIME project (Hydrogen Truck Implementation for Maximum Emission reductions) will trial a range of vehicles and associated duty cycles with hydrogen dual-fuel technology. It will use the existing network of Hydrogen Refueling Stations alongside the temporary unit supplied by H2Tec. ULEMCo are providing the dual-fuel vehicles, and the other project partners and end-users include The London Fire Brigade, Wiles Greenworld, Aberdeen City Council, Westminster City Council, Veolia, Ocado and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. It aims to show a 40-70% reduction in tailpipe carbon dioxide emissions is possible by displacing diesel. 

H2Tec’s Lead Design Engineer, Keigh Taylor, said “with this refueling system we are demonstrating that hydrogen stations can be built economically and flexible enough to deploy anywhere.  This is just the start for H2Tec, and we will build on this success to deliver innovative refueling equipment.”

The HRS (right) leaving Wallyford for London

Further information on the project can be found on and


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